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Greetings Friends and Family – I wanted to give a quick update after 7 of 28 Radiation Treatments and 2 of 5 Chemo treatments. So far so good. The radiation has been going well, no issues with the skin in the radiated area. Chemo one (last week Friday) went well, Saturday felt kind of weird (like a hangover) in the morning, but was able to rally and attend a Cystic Fibrosis Fundraiser in the evening. Even ran in to my Oncologist at the event. Sunday was a different story, and Monday was rough as well. But I was feeling better by Tuesday morning and went to work Tuesday – Thursday. Just finished Chemo #2 so we’ll see what tomorrow brings.

Despite, all of this, I am constantly reminded of how fortunate that I am in an early diagnosis and swift effective treatment. Case in point, I ran into a gentleman in the changing room on Wednesday and was making small talk and made a statement about the treatment making us better. He responded, not for me, stage 4 pancreatic cancer, just trying to ease pain and extend his life. I was floored. And grateful.

So in closing, I am grateful for Lee, my beautiful wife and caregiver and for all of you and your positive thoughts and prayers.

Thanks again and we’ll keep you posted.