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There are a few pointers I’d like to give to anybody who is going through cancer treatment, or who is about to start…

  • Take your anti nausea meds before you’re nauseous. Take them on time. Every time. And keep taking them throughout treatment. They’re to prevent nausea, not stop it once it starts. I learned that lesson the hard way.fullsizeoutput_1aa3
  • Sometimes the meds don’t take care of all the nausea. Ginger drinks and sugared ginger work wonders in additional help with nausea. They’re a bit spicy, but that’s what helps settle your stomach.
  • Get sleep. Good sleep. It helps the healing and you’re going to be tired most of the time.
  • Eat. Even when you’re not hungry.  You’re not going to be hungry almost all the time.mk-1412-ce_1
  • Eat protein. As much as you can. Protein is critical to heal the body. I supplement with Muscle Milk since it’s sometimes easier to drink than eat.
  • This is the first time in your life that calories are your friend. Eat up. Drink a milkshake…or three. Whatever you can get into yourself helps in the long run. Just don’t go nuts with the sugar stuff…you still need good nutrition.
  • Take a multi vitamin. Just let your oncologist know what you’re taking.
  • Do some amount of exercise. Walk – outside or on a treadmill or do some stairs. Even if you feel shitty, it makes you feel better. Also, if you’re facing surgery after treatment, you need to make sure you have the stamina for the recuperation.

That’s all for now! I’ll add more as Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride continues