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To date I’ve completed 4 of 5 Chemotherapies and 17 of 28 Radiation Therapies –  and I’m still hanging tough. Huntsman Cancer Institute has been my saving grace. (And it’s quite a beautiful place, note the mountains in the background.)

Version 2Chemo has not been as bad as I had anticipated, but again compared to the treatments that some friends and relatives have undergone, mine has not been as intense. That being said, days two and three after chemo (Sundays and Mondays for me) I’ve felt really crappy.  “My dance partner,” as Lee refers to it, is what pumps everything into my veins. It goes with me everywhere during infusion – yes, to the bathroom too.

dsc_0158Sundays and Mondays are a bit dicey with nausea and fatigue, so I spend a good deal of time sleeping. I have been able to get to work Tuesdays – Fridays and which helps being able to get into my normal, productive, groove. Saturday evening  I felt well enough to attend the “Quarter Century Dinner” celebrating with co-workers who have worked for Sysco for 25 years or more. There was also recognition of somebody who has been with the company for 42 years. I have the good fortune to work with such a great team.

I met with my Oncologist, Dr. John Weis, last week. He is quite possibly the the finest doctor that I have ever met. Dr. Weis is very personable, down to earth and comforting. While I have a high level of confidence that I’m winning this battle, it’s great to have a coach like Dr. Weis behind me to help build that confidence.

fullsizeoutput_1aadI also can’t say enough about Dr. Randa Tao  my radiology oncologist, and the Radiology Technicians that I’m working with as well. Bri, Rosemarie, Carli and Heather (in that order in the picture – with the exception of Heather who was camera shy) make it a point to try and make each session as comfortable and fun as possible. I even received a Silver Star for being a good patient last week. (You can see it on the back of my work phone in the pic above.)

To top off the week, I received a wonderful piece of “Get Well” artwork from our nephew Henry. It makes this battle so much more tolerable knowing that there is so much love, support and caring out there. I appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers and want you to know that it does mean the world to me!


Thank you again and we’ll keep you posted!