Good morning and updating from the ICU at Huntsman Cancer Institute. 

Not yet at 72 hours, I, and the rest of the staff, think Mark’s doing really well. We’re still in the ICU because his heart rate was doing some funky things yesterday. It was jumping everywhere and too high. Apparently this is common after this type of surgery since the heart gets pissed off at being jostled. He was given medication to help this and today his heart rate is much better.

The PT folks got him out of bed yesterday for an assisted, very short walk. At this point it’s like running a marathon, but he finished! His vent tube was taken out several days ago, and hopefully the tube in his nose will come out later today. He’s being fed through his temporary feeding tube – I think is something similar chocolate ensure. Although he can’t taste it he says he can smell it.

The PT folks will be in and out today and he’ll be walking with them 3 times. Mark is heavily sedated for pain and still has the epidural mid back to deal with the pain from the 2nd incision that’s between his ribs.

There’s the potential that Mark will be moved to the regular surgical floor today depending on his breathing and heart rate.   He still has lots of tubes, wires and meds, but they’ll go one by one as his recovery progresses. All he wants is a drink of water, but he has to have the swallowed dye test first (not sure when that is) to make sure there are no leaks.

We cannot say thank you enough for all the outpouring of help and support. We appreciate each and every one of you. Little Oscar…well he’s being taken care of by our wonderful friends at Pinebrook Animal Hospital. He even has a new little buddy  about his size!​
​Thank you all so much!


Lee & Mark