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Late yesterday afternoon Mark was transferred out of ICU and on to the regular surgical floor. YAY! I have to say, though, I have never experienced a more devoted, attentive, caring and compassionate staff that cared for Mark in the ICU. They have been fabulous.

Yesterday Mark went for a bit longer assisted walk in the afternoon, and then again at 11:30pm. The walks are predicated on the availability of the PT staff and they are swamped. 

Mark is doing really well. He’s been working on expanding his lungs with deeper breaths. It is uncomfortable but he’s making great progress. He looks great, has good color, his incisions are healing well, and there’s a rumor he may be able to start drinking and eating very soft foods soon. The Doc just stopped in and it looks like he’ll be getting some ice ships later! (All the poor guy wants is a drink of water…)

Thank you for the thoughtful gifts you send for Mark. He now has a roommate to keep him company. This little guy showed up at the house the day before yesterday. He celebrates the 50th anniversary of Star Trek – notice his resemblance to Mr. Spock – and represents in his Green and White.

Thank you again to everybody for your continued prayers, good wishes, calls, texts, emails, messages and comments. I share them all with Mark.


Mark & Lee