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img_3200Saturday, 13 days after his surgery, Mark was released from Huntsman Cancer Institute and we headed for home. We were equipped with food and meds to feed him through his feeding tube. The bolus (syringe feed) went very well. He slept in his own bed for the first time in 13 days. But he was restless and at 5am Sunday he went downstairs. At 7:15 he told me he was having trouble breathing and his heart was in A-Fib again in spite of the meds he was on. At 7:45, although only out of the hospital for 14 hours, we headed to the ER and he was later readmitted to Huntsman.

Apparently there had been a behind the scenes discussion as to whether to use an automatic dispensed feed that Mark had been hooked up to for the past 13 days, or a bolus feed. We were to use the bolus for food and meds.

Since Mark had been on some pretty heavy opiate pain meds, the oxy elixir had made him constipated. Due to that, the food and meds we administered through his feeding tube filled up his stomach and flowed out of the current leak. The shortness of breath and the A-Fib were the result of fluids once again flowing into his chest.

All that being said, Mark’s doing really well. He is no longer on the oxy elixir for pain and he feels really good. He’s clear headed and says he really has no pain that ibuprofen won’t take care of. His heart is back in rhythm (with meds), he’s up walking and climbing stairs with the Physical Therapists.

That’s the story of Mark’s Out of the Hospital & Back in 14 Hours experience. Sorry to not have updated sooner, it’s been like Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride around here. As soon as we have more info on his re-release, we’ll let everybody know.

Thank you for all your support. And a special shout out to Tyler Quinn, my hero, who shoveled the deck when it was over my knees and I couldn’t physically do it. He’s a sweetie!


Mark & Lee