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Normally, I’d take offense to being called unremarkable, but in the world of cancer diagnosis, that is the exact description that you are hoping for.

I had my first post-surgery CT Scan last week Wednesday and had to wait until July 6th to get the results. The scan, which included my abdomen and chest, show no signs of cancer.  My bloodwork was also A-OK!

My Medical Team is very pleased with my progress. I’ve healed very well and I’m enjoying a normal diet eating smaller portions 5-6 times a day. (The only thing that I have had to stop eating is bread – which is a bit of a disappointment since I use it pretty much as a placeholder for jam – but it’s one minor concession that I am happy to make.)

I did lose a lot of weight through the procedure and recovery but I’m consistently maintaining my new weight. I have started working out again to gain the muscle mass I lost. I’m back to lifting weights and doing cardio work. Lee and I plan on running The Color Run in October. (We missed it last fall for obvious reasons.) Overall, I’m very pleased to be 99% recovered from surgery.

IMG_7948Lee and I were talking recently and the one thing, above all else, that we have learned through all of this is that you cannot take anything for granted. Not time, not friends, not family, not experiences. We are not putting anything on hold anymore. We’re traveling, visiting friends and family, hiking, camping, loading up on all the experiences life has to offer. What we’ve learned is that you just never know what the future holds and all we have is this one present moment to live, to love and to laugh.

IMG_7954We want to thank all of you – our friends, our family, our support network, our prayer warriors, my gifted doctors and surgeons – for everything that you have done for us over the past many months. With all of you and God watching over us, we are truly blessed to have come through this in “unremarkable” fashion. Updates will be fewer and farther between from this point forward. My next oncology check-in will be October 3.

Please feel free to reach out via phone, text, email whatever means you chose.  Thank you again for all you have done for us and God bless all of you…



Mark & Lee